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Smartphones with email, internet and etc. affects the way that people relate to each other in that it has reduced the amount of face to face time. It was a time when people would schedule meetings to discuss different things but now with this new technology of the email, they are more apt to just send the person an email discussing the subject instead of having a face to face meeting. The internet is just as bad, instead of leaving your house to go shopping where you can interact with other people. There are those who choose to do all of their shopping on their smartphones. It is not just shopping though, some people live on the internet to handle all their business matters. It has gotten so bad that it is those that work from home using the internet and email and never have any difference between their work or home life balance. This time become so combined that the people start to work from home in their pajamas. These smartphones are so expensive that a person will pay their phone bill or purchase a phone before paying one of their utility bills. This new technology has made a lot of changes on the influences of people of today versus twenty years ago when it was more important to get out and socialize with your friends than text or email them. There have been many changes made in our Age of Information such as the use of the land line phone system. There are a limited amount of homes still using this system since the introduction of the smartphones. The paper trail is virtually disappearing now with the use of email there is no use for a paper copy of anything, making the copier almost obsolete. The day where companies had meetings and the secretaries would have to take notes is or has faded away also. This new technology has done away with so many of the old customs, at times it is hard to remember