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The research project I chose is should people get an identity chip implanted under their skin. I chose this topic because I know it can be related two specific ways. It can be related through the facts of the chip containing all of our personal information, which relates back to information technology. Also, information technology is a wide spread career that focuses back on projects such as this. The three points I plan to shine light on is a view of future comings with information technology, how the chip has a relation to this, and how it can be pertained to everyday living.
First off, the economy is rapidly changing day by day. Something new is steadily being updated, created, or changed rather the world knows about it or not. A future coming with information technology is being brought to the light and rather we are ready for the change or not it is bound to happen. This website online actually expanded how information technology has and will steadily will grow. A few valid points I agreed with from the article is “while it might seem that the technology of today has reached its limits, it is still actually spreading its proverbial wings.”( This quote has more than enough meaning for it to so small. This quote basically focuses on how technology is being overrun but there is really nothing we can do about it because the future is based on these short comings. When these changes happen their going to happen without a billboard, banner or announcements so just be ready for them.
Secondly, the RFID chip is a chip that The Affordable Care Act brought this upon everyone attention even though the whole situation was definitely a scare to society. The chip is supposed to contain our personal information such as personal banking account numbers, social security number, and all other potential items that only they can have access too. It still goes back to the fact that it’s still some form of information technology, because it contains personal information which contained all around it; which