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Janie Cundiff
February 21, 2013
U.S. History
Julianne Jamison
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One of the most interesting people to me in U.S. History is Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was never elected President of the United States but he did so much more in his lifetime. First and foremost he was and still is known as an inventor. Some of his inventions are the lightning rod, bifocals, and even a carriage odometer. Benjamin Franklin was also known as a scientist, and even a musician. His love of studying science led him to his discoveries and theories involving electricity.
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706. His father wanted to send him to the school for clergy but could not afford it, he was sent to Boston Latin School instead. Although he did not graduate he finished his education by vigorous reading. He became his brother’s assistant in the printing trade at the age of twelve where one of the first American newspapers The New England Courant was published. Benjamin wanted to have some of his letters published but was denied by his brother, so he created Mrs. Silence Dogood. He wrote fourteen letters and they amused the readers. Sadly his brother James discovered that Benjamin was behind it all and Benjamin left the print shop and ran away to Philadelphia.
Benjamin Franklin used fake names when he would write. He began publishing the famous Poor Richard’s Almanac under the name Richard Saunders. It was no secret that Franklin was the author, his