The Road To Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Stephanie Gonzalez
English 1301-2004
30 November 2014 The Road to Becoming a Registered Nurse Working to be a Registered Nurse is a road of new experiences and opportunities to learn new things on a daily basis. Nurses are knowledgeable, responsible, and hard workers. They work towards a common goal which is helping those in need of medical attention. Not only are they hard workers but they are role models in their communities and society. They can lead people to a way of life that is full of good health. Nursing is probably the oldest profession known. It’s always been a profession that deals with those who are sick and wounded. It’s about building a relationship with the patient and getting them healed. Nursing was once considered a “man’s job” (Bradford) till Florence Nightingale came into the picture. She was a nurse during the Crimean War in the 1850’s. With her help and several other nurse volunteers, her work helped reduce hospital death rates by two thirds according to A&E Television Networks. Her work at this time and all her writings are what lead her be known as the lady who started the nursing career. There probably are no words that suffice enough to explain how important a nurse’s job really is. They spend their days with the lives of human beings on their hands. That is what they are responsible for. They work to heal people to cure them from any disease or sickness that they might have. Nurses have to remain knowledgeable of everything that they do. Not only is it about the patient care but it’s also about knowing what medicine their patients can or cannot take. “As nurses we can’t provide good care without having the right information to make the right decisions when we care for our individual patients” (Murphy). This is why nurses must always communicate with the doctors or any other health physicians in order to make sure that the attention or medicines their patients are receiving are beneficial to the patient. Their job not only consists of patient care it’s also about giving patient’s advice and emotional support. Nurses work in a neat and organized manner in order to know what they are dealing with and to tell patients apart from each other. Problem solving and critical thinking is required for this career field because of all the pressure that is involved. A nurse must always be ready to be ready for any situation that comes their way, which is what makes this job even more exciting. As technology keeps on advancing so do medicines and other things in the medical field. For this reason nurses must always be kept up to date on the new machines, medicines, or treatments that are being used. “Nurses and nursing departments will need to aggressively manage the changing environment so that patient care is enhanced.”(Needleman). The more knowledgeable that they remain the more help they can offer their patients. Not only is it about keeping up to date with technology but it’s also about the communication between nurses and primary doctors. Doctors can inform nurses about a lot of new changes and new way in which they can help save a human life. These authors claim that nurses and doctors should work as a team to minimize the risk of harm to the patient (Weller, Barrow, and Gasquoine 478-487). Working as a team they can both help on another out and this way both nurse and doctor are on the same page about their patient’s health. It’s not only about technology advancing but its also about new diseases and sickness that might affect people. Nurses find ways to stay updated they read constantly, study constantly, and communicate with others in order to be kept in the loop. “Nurses are involved in several initiatives that evaluate or improve quality of care” (Lattavo). Becoming a nurse is not only something fulfilling for the person whose doing it but also for communities and society in general. Nurses can work together with their community and their surroundings to push people to live