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General Motors Company overview • General Motor Company’s profit has been increasing since three years. It shows growth of the company. In 2012, revenue has risen almost four times than 2011. The company’s revenue was $ 26 billion in 2012, $ 6 billion in 2011 and $ 5 billion in the year 2010. GM has declined expenses in labor, and the company has launched new cars such as Chevrolet Cruse, Chevrolet Cobalt, and Chevrolet Volt. Launching of new cars, and less labor expenses was two of the reasons to earn make more money for GM (OneSource, 2013). • General Motor is a leader company for customers because the company holds market share 17.56 % form US car market. General Motor has revenue for sales cars $152,256 billion per years. On other hand, Toyota the car company which came from Japan, hold market share in US cars 14.13%. Ford Company which original made cars in US hold market share 15.22%. (OneSource, 2013). • China is a major market of GM’s abroad expansion. The company uses the brand strategy to develop its business in China. In other words, GM imports its brands such as Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac to improve GM’s market share in automotive industry of China. For instance, based on the amounts of vehicles that GM sold in 2010, the vehicles sales was up over 8% by GM and its retailer partners in China in 2011. Moreover, 13.6% of market shares were owned by 0.7% up at the same year (MarketLine, 2012). • In addition to the manufacture automobile industry, GM also has expanded other business in finance. GM financial provides car loans through automobile dealerships. In fact, the company’s profit has widely improved since 2011. Significantly, the company’s revenue was $1,140 million, compared with the revenue in 2010, the revenue increased by 410.78% in 2011 (Onesource, 2013). • General Motor has strong focus on Research and Development (R & D) to offer fuel-efficient cars. The company is developing technologies to make less fuel usage cars, hybrid cars, and electric cars through R & D. The company has spent huge amount on research. For Instance, the company’s R & D expenses were $ 8 billion in 2011, and $ 6 billion in 2010 (MarketLine, 2012).

• GM motors take advantage in competition by using variety and quality of cars. The article (“Full list of General Motors model”, n.d.) show that the company offers 192 models of cars to most customers, and provide product with high quality. For Instance, (Smith, n.d) explained that Cadillac, which the luxury car brand of GM motors, win luxury cars of the years 2012 in North America. Evan (2012) report that Chevrolet volt, which is hybrid energy model, wins European car of the year 2012 in Geneva.

• GM motors concentrate on Corporate Social Responsibility, which searching many ways in sustainability energy. However, king (2013) explain that the company reduced 28 % of fuel from per vehicle. They can diverted waste from landfill more than 2.5 million metric tons. Recycle raw material 90% for build a new cars. Moreover, model cars of GM Motors using natural gas not fuel, and reduce tradition of fuel $ 10 million each years.

• In 2012, GM recalled several products because of the safe risk of some parts. In the US and Canada, GM recalled 475,000 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars since the oil spilling had a strong possibility to cause fire in the engine. In addition, GM had to recall 50,000 large crossover sports utility vehicles (SUVs) to repair the problem of windshield wipers under Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia brands. For this responsibility, GM motors loss cost more than $ 4,285 million. (One source, 2013)


Successful strategy in China • GM holds a positive position in automotive market of China. GM’s business strategy for the Chinese market is that GM and its two joint ventures such as Shanghai GM, Norsom Motor Co. Ltd have been cooperating in the development of vehicles sold. For instance,