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Phase 5 Individual Project
Bessie Hull
CTU Online
Law Enforcement Operation
Report Writing
K. Rogers

A confidential citizen has tipped off the law enforcement of a local office supply store that might be robbed soon after closing time. This informant reveals that the tip came from someone he knew and is known as a drug addict. A description of the robbers in previous local office supply store robberies was given that of two Asian men. Officer Hull and her partner, Officer Powell, were on surveillance when the dispatcher notifies the officer that a citizen at the mall heard what believed to be gun shots in the parking lot. The officers were close by, so they head over to the shopping center. Upon the arrival of the officers, the witness says that she “might have” heard gunfire and saw an Asian man walk into the store possibly with the gun in his back pocket. Moments after the Asian man walk out of one of the stores and towards the parking lot. The officers drew their weapon and ordered the man to get on the ground. An Asian woman, which appears to be the man’s wife, gets out of the car and demands an explanation of why her husband is on the ground. Following procedures, Officer Powell orders the woman back into the car but she becomes frantic and has been restrained. The suspect becomes agitated watching his wife being detained and tries to get up and help her. The man was subdued and put in hand cuffs. The man was then arrested for resisting arrest along with other charges. The Asian man felt his civil rights were violated and filed a suit and the chief has notified the officers of the Law suit. Aside of the suit, the officers have duties and procedures to follow following an arrest, an incident, or any kind of activity. The chief will also want more information about the Asian man arrested. The chief will want to hear more information about the surveillance, if the man’s civil rights were violated, the damages the wife wants to collect, if racial profiling were involved in the arrest, and my opinion on a citizen board. A report is defined as documentation recorded on a departmental form or an approved medium, like a disk drive, for permanent record (Frazee, 2009). There are many different types of reports the police departments use in writing a report. The types of reports are: Arrest reports, Clearance report, Crime report, Daily report, Evidence report, Incident report, Memorandum, Narcotics or Intoxication report, Supplemental report, and Traffic Accident report (Frazee, 2009). An Arrest report is used in an event an arrest is made. The arrest report will include the probable cause for the stop, detain, and make the arrest. A Clearance report is used in an event to document the disposition of a criminal case which includes arrest, identification of the suspect without arrest, recovery of property, restitution, or filing a criminal complaint. Crime reports are used in an event a crime has been committed. A crime report may include a description of the suspect, the items collected or stolen, or injuries to the victim. The report is a document of your investigation and must include the Corpus Delicti. A Daily report or Officer’s log is where the officer will report the daily activities that had occurred. The report may include the location, time spent, names of citizen that has been spoken too, and a brief description of the activity. An Evidence report will be used in event evidence has been collected from the crime scene. You may also use the evidence report to request forensic evidence as well. An Incident report will document a noncriminal event such as a medical aid emergency. Memorandums may be used to request information and to respond to information. Narcotics or Intoxication reports are used in the event a suspect is under the influence of Narcotics and Intoxication (drugs or alcohol). A Supplemental report is used in an event to document your actions of a scene. It may