Research On Food In School

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Courtney Cummins
Mr. Addington
English 9
17 May 2012
Cafeteria Food Harms School Performance It is a proven study that students who eat a large amount of healthy food such as, protein, fruit and whole grains were less likely to fail a test. If someone were to visit my school cafeteria on any given day they would not find a variety of healthy foods. At my school the varieties of foods we do have are: Chips, Cookies, Processed ham and cheese bagels, Breadsticks and chicken strips. A healthy diet is very important for teenagers in high school, which my school does not offer. According to a study when kids don’t have a healthy diet they get low test scores. Eating unhealthy foods and large amounts of processed foods can cause anemia (Iron Deficiency). Anemia leads to shortened attention span, irritability, Tiredness and problems concentrating. If high school kids fill up on soda and junk food at lunch time, will they do well on a test? Studies have shown that the better the students eating habits, the less likely to fail a test. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains with low fat intake was linked with a much lower failing rate of the test. Exercise helps with achieving higher test scores. Students, who do not eat healthy while their brain is still developing, score much lower on tests. Proper nutrition helps with academic performance. Study shows that a proper diet boosts math and reading scores. Aerobic exercising could help enhance student’s memory. Exercise can strengthen certain parts of the