Internet Dangers

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Taylor Ingram
Mr. Clark
English I
Internet Dangers Stop, think. What is your child doing right now? If they’re on the internet, are they using it safely? The internet in this generation is like literally walking into a room full of predators, who are waiting to sink their teeth into your child. Or like an open door to an adult club, accessible by your child. Minors are not safe online; the internet is dangerous. This problem has become a noticeable problem around the time facebook was published. Sexual predators and inappropriate content are all over the internet. Parents are partially to blame, because they aren’t aware of their child’s behavior online. Children are in danger every time they log on. Internet Dangers is a problem that can be alleviated with responsibility, caution, and awareness. Parents can be more aware of what their children are doing online, to keep them safer. As technology continues to improve and grow, they appeal to minors. Where there are minors, there are possible predators. “Over the past 15 years, a number of dynamic, powerful, and destructive elements have come together creating a “perfect storm” scenario for our children to fall victim to exploitation in the digital age” (Donna Rice Hughes/IS101). If parents keep track of what their children do online, there would be less chance of them running into a predator. The internet not only has predators, but other life­scarring sources., “The internet has also become the leading technology for disturbing hardcore pornography, grossing $13 billion annually” (Donna

R.H./IS101). Parents should give their kids certain limits and restrictions to what their kids can actually do online. As a result of parents not caring, or sure of what their children do online, it makes them more available to sexual predators, or other inappropriate matters. Parents can use internet safety modes to take action and better insure their child won’t behave inappropriately online. Parents deserve control, and a child safety mode seems like the best way to go. There’s an app created just for that called, Kids Mode. “Kids Mode is a parental control app that parents and guardians can activate to create a child friendly mode” (Lilian
Mutegi) With a child’s safety mode on tablets, phone, and other devices, children will be less likely to come in contact with a predator, or inappropriate content. With a child safety app or mode, children won’t so much get in contact with much social media. So they won’t post immature and idiot things.