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A. Conflict
1. I believe that conflict it is a normal party of any connection with others in the personal and professional areas of our life. I learn really early in my life that we should never try to avoid a conflict, since we can’t expect that two people will agree on everything, all the time. Since I will not avoid a conflict, my first attitude is to identify the conflict and the people involved. Be calm but not defensive and say thinks that really matters for the occasion or discussion. Also one thing that I always do very well at work place but not as good at home is past the conflict without holding resentments (I don’t put to much emotion with work related, however I am 100% emotion when the problem is personal, but I am working on it and identify my difficulty is my first step to try be a better person).
2. Conflict successful resolution depends on our ability to regulate stress and emotions, that’s why I classify myself differently on my professional versus personal areas. I am assertive on my work place, really reasonable and manage my stress speedily while continuing calm and alert. I pay attention to others words and reactions. I always avoid disrespectful words and actions and try to understand the others people needs. In the other hand, on my personal live I can be assertive for the little problems of day to day, but most of the time I am aggressive. When the matters involves feelings, I am usually overly emotional and unable to sit still. And since I am not…