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In our criminal justice, there are different kind of sentencing people can get when committing a crime. To each crime there is a different degree to how an individual is punished. Some are given probation, some are given short term incarceration, and some are even put in jail for life without parole. This all depends on the impact on the crime committed. Therefore, the purpose to sentencing someone is to punish an individual, the reduction of crime, to reform and rehabilitate offenders, to protect others from them, and for the reparation for other that were affected by the offenders. This punishes offenders because they are to feel the guilt for what they done in the affect they had on others. To reform and rehabilitate is for the offender to have time to think about the crime he did and recover from it. To protect them from others is to keep the offender in jail so he won't commit another act on another citizen. Finally, the reparation for others that were affected is for justice to be served and for other's who were related to case come to a closing. The four philosophy’s surrounding them are retribution, deterrence, Incapacitation, and Rehabilitation. In each case, the judge (not juries) decided on what punishment the offender will get for his/her crime. Many factors goes into the determination of what sentencing an offender will get. The first can be whether the offender is a first time offender or not. This can have a great deal on the case. It can show if the offender just made a mistake or is not trustworthy. Second, Knowing if the offender was an accessory helping someone of the main offender. This also puts a major impact on the sentencing period. Also, whether the crime was committed under stress or any duress Fourthly, whether anyone was hurt or if the crime was committed when unintentionally hurting someone. This can show the judge that it was an accident and the offender is not a criminal that should be punished with jail time. Also, if the offender committed a crime with destruction a cruel motive behind it. This can be costly and can most likely land the offender jail time. Especially with evidence behind it. Lastly, whether an offender is remorseful for the actions they did. This sometimes helps depending on what kind of crime they committed. I a case of committing any degree murder this won't ever work. But in the case of a DUI charge it is possible. When analyzing the debate surrounding capital punishment, there are some viewpoints that are added in the article. One viewpoint goes against every aspect of capital punishment and other other thinks it should be appointed in our criminal justice system. I have to agree with having capital punishment in our criminal justice system. In the phrase criminal justice system, the word justice stands out to me because justice is a very powerful thing. Some families do not feel justice