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When people think of domestic violence, they think of a married older couple, but never about a young teen couple. Dating violence happens mainly because of a lack of relationship experience, anger and hostility, and belief in strict gender roles. To prevent dating violence, there are many hotlines, and resource centers, but also can be stopped before it gets too bad with having the right knowledge. Lupe Covarrubias
B.2 Thesis: Even though teens are too young to know what dating abuse is like, more of the general public should know what dating violence is and be aware of the dating abuse happening among teenagers. Having different states that do not consider teen dating violence a problem causes people to think it's unimportant and influences teens to not see any problem with the abuse that is going on thus not being informed about the different types of abuse there can be in relationships.

Dating violence can happen to anyone; even with the person who is least expected to become violent. Dating violence is an abusive relationship, with controlling behavior, and it can range from physical to emotional abuse, and even verbal to digital abuse. Dating violence can be and usually is brushed off as none important. “Eight states don’t include dating relationships in their definition of domestic violence. As a result, young victims of dating abuse often cannot apply for restraining orders” (Dating Abuse Statistics). The eight states that do not consider dating violence a real domestic violence case can cause countless troubles for those in an abusive relationship, looking for help, but having no legal support. If the states themselves don’t consider dating violence a real problem, then teens who are going through it will not consider it abusive as well. The abuse in a dating violence relationship can come in many different forms, whether it’s emotional, sexual, physical, or even digital abuse (Types of
Abuse). Some of the different types of abuse may seem like they are not all that immense and as debauched, but the truth is, they are. Emotional abuse is more common than physical abuse. Being told what to wear, who to talk to, and even getting blamed for the unhealthy behavior, is all part of emotional abuse (Types of Abuse). Getting constant texts, or having to delete certain friends on
Facebook or other cites is part of digital abuse (Types of
Abuse). Digital abuse is

usually the only abuse that’s not seen as a form of abuse, but one in three teens say they have been texted 10 to 30 times an hour by a partner wanting to know where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re with (Digital Abuse). Being texted those numerous amounts of times means receiving texts every six to two minutes which is absurd. Younger people who are barely starting to date and do not have much experience might see the explosive jealousy or the controlling and possessive behavior as a sign of love, and hence will seek out companions with the same propensities. Dating violence is alive and well among teenagers. More people including teenagers who are dating should be conscious of dating violence and all the different types of abuse there can be in a relationship before getting too serious with someone. Although dating violence is directed more in the teen crowd, there are many consequences to live with as a cause of it. Dating violence, as explained, can come in different ways and so can its consequences. On the physical side of dating violence, some long term effects include: Chronic pain syndromes, asthma, central nervous system disorders, and even gastrointestinal disorders (Intimate Partner Violence: Consequences).
The emotional side of things can get even worse, just because emotional abuse isn’t scarring or bruising the outside doesn’t mean it’s any less than physical abuse.