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Research Paper and MLA Assignment (10%) EAC 150 QQ, YA, YB
Length: 750 Words

Annotated Bibliography QQ Due: Thursday, October 9, 2014 YA/YB Due: Friday, October 10, 2014

Research Paper QQ Due: Thursday, October 16, 2014 YA/YB Due: Friday, October 17, 2014


In a 750 word paper, research and discuss one author from the course list.
You must use the primary source of the original text (the text we read in class) and
Two secondary sources that demonstrate research on the life and/or writing of the author.
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate research using MLA format.
Your secondary sources should be from books, newspapers, magazines, and/or scholarly journals. Wikipedia will not be counted as one of your sources.


One week prior to the due date of your full paper, you will hand in your Annotated Bibliography. An annotated bibliography gives the full bibliographic information of the sources you use (the same as a Works Cited page), but is followed by a sentence explaining the source and its relevance.

For example:

Scholar, Janet. “Why The Nitre Represents His Soul: A Discussion of Edgar Allan Poe.” The Journal of Creepy Old Writers 100. 3. (2007): 123-134. Print. A discussion of Poe’s childhood home, his obsession with mineral crystalization, and the influence of this obsession on his later work.


All research sources MUST be from the Seneca College library: You may not use any other online sources. If you have trouble finding sources, use the following procedure.

1. Complete the online library research tutorial provided on Blackboard.
2. Ask a librarian.
3. Visit me during my office hours to discuss your challenges.


NOW HEAR THIS: The purpose of this assignment is to complete research using MLA format and citation style. If you fail to do this, you will fail the assignment. Further, if you quote research without properly citing your source (even if it is a paraphrase), you are plagiarizing and will receive a grade of zero.

You must correctly integrate quotations or other information from your sources into your research paper, and reference your quotations using the MLA parenthetical in-text method of citation.

You must also include a Works Cited page (the same bibliographic information as your annotated bibliography) on a separate page at the end of your paper. You will provide the full bibliographic information, properly formatted, for your primary sources as well as your secondary sources. (Again, use the MLA format.)

You must photocopy/print the relevant pages from the secondary sources you quote from, highlight the relevant areas, and attach these to the paper copy of the essay you hand in.


Remember that taking a striking phrase of three words or more without full reference (quotation marks and page number of source) constitutes plagiarism. Even one instance of this will cause the paper to fail.

Also, be aware that you cannot borrow the structure of another writer’s argument.

RESEARCH RESOURCES (Click on this link for MLA format) (EAC150 Research Success Tutorial; this is a great tool to help you learn about research strategies--including how to use the Seneca databases)

Can You Remind Me Again About MLA?
MLA stands for The Modern Language Association of America. It is a standardized way of documenting research. Scholars in the arts use MLA style in order to have an agreed upon set of standards to explain where they got their research so that other scholars can quickly find these resources themselves. MLA is prioritized by author while APA, another common research style, is prioritized by date. APA is used by scientists because the date of