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Air Jordan

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York, to James and Delores Jordan. He was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, where his father was an equipment supervisor in a General Electric plant, and his mother was in charge of a bank's customer service department.Although the Jordans emphasized academics over athletics with their five children they soon realized Jordan had athletic skills.They encouraged him to practice hard, to set high but realistic goals, and to keep his grade high. Although jordan preferred football, and baseball to basketball but when Jordan’s ninth grade year came head decided he wanted to be a Professional Basketball player. He tried out for the varsity squad at Laney High school but was cut because of his height. Jordan didn’t give up though . He spent most of his hours practicing on his jump shot. By his junior year he grew six inches and his basketball skills improved. By the time he was a senior he was invited to a five star basketball camp in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . It was a special session for the countries best high school basketball players. Jordan showed his outstanding skills at the camp and became a hot prospect. By his senior year he committed to UNC ( University of North Carolina ) . His major improvement on his skills earned him a starting spot on the roster. Jordan making the starting line up was a very unusual feat for a freshman under