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Comcast Report and Recommendations
Paper Outline
By Christopher Salge

Christopher Salge

Professor Douglas

Comcast Corporation

April 10, 2014

The following is an evaluation and observation of Comcast Corporation’s human resources, and business practices that were examined.
Company Profile.
Brief History about company- Comcast has come a long way since its beginning in 1963; today it is the leader in the worlds of media, entertainment and technology. Comcast has around 136k employees, which are contracted as well as full employees. Comcast has a number of regions throughout the United States, and many Local Management Centers (LMC’s) in every state they are located. This structure makes it easier for such a massive company to handle the day to day of HRM.

Identified Problem Areas. Hiring and screening process According to the Comcast website, the very first step in the hiring process is the submission of an application for employment. This is the same for most any job that an applicant is interested in. The Comcast website is very user friendly, and requires the setting up of a user profile. Upon submission of an application an HR professional will conduct an application review. This review is in place because “Comcast is committed to hiring the best talent for each of its positions.” Applications are evaluated on overall experience, education and skills required and only the most qualified candidates will be contacted to move forward in the hiring process. It is worth noting that Comcast recommends that all applicants are encouraged to apply for any additional jobs they are qualified for. Assessment testing is also conducted to determine if the talented applicant is a fit for a technical job or an office job depending on what is applied for. The assessment is online and conducted through a third party vendor. The assessment is to be completed a soon as possible in order to move forward in the hiring process. Delays could hold up the next step.
The first step of the interview process upon successful completion of the first two steps usually starts with a phone call. The interview could be completed over the phone, or in person at a meeting which could also take place via video conference, or even Skype. Comcast uses a recruiter to help in this process, to guide in the scheduling of meetings, or phone calls. Upon completion of the interview, HR and the Hiring manager will discuss your interview and decide whether or not your experience, education, and skills make you a great fit for the job. Once a decision has been made, whether it is a favorable or unfavorable decision for the candidate, he or she will be informed, it is important that the applicant not be discouraged by an unfavorable decision.
As the process moves forward, a pre-employment check is something that is done which includes a pre-employment drug screening and a background check. Upon successful completion of these items and steps, you will be offered a position with Comcast that is assuming the candidate accepts the offer for employment. In the days following the end of the hiring process, the candidate will be contacted by the recruiter or manager for information with a report date and location. The team will ensure that the new hire has the tools and equipment needed to do his or her job prior to start.
Comcast has a strict no harassment policy. The policies “prohibit discrimination based on is race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender identity, age, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, membership in the uniformed services, genetic information or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local laws.” This excerpt taken from The Comcast Corporation Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and is pretty self explanatory with the specific type of harassment that will not be tolerated at the Comcast Corporation. Comcast is committed to creating and maintaining