Unintended Pregnancy

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Katie Catania
SOC 350
Professor Crockett
January 29, 2015
Unintended Pregnancy
“What options are available to young women who face an unintended pregnancy?” is a common question that many people sought to be answered. Young women all over the world (especially with the younger generations) are getting pregnant unintentionally, leaving them with the choice of raising their child, adoptions, and abortions. After the knowledgeable breakdown of these choices, women will be more reluctant to choose with confidence.
By addressing this important question, women around the world will be able to acknowledge the situation and perform accordingly. They will understand the importance of their decisions, while making sure to not make a mistake. Although these women are struck with an overwhelming choice, they are left with nine months to think about their outcomes. The research performed for this paper, will help them to make the correct selection, leaving them with little regret.
Although it may seem that all of the attention is on the pregnant lady, it is very important to understand the scenario from the father’s viewpoint as well. Depending on how the father reacts, it can have dramatic impact on the lady’s choice. If the father is unknown or refuses to nurture his kid, it is quite possible that the mother may favor adoption or abortion because it is harder to raise a kid on her own. On the other hand, if the father is willing to stay around and help, it may cause the mother to keep the kid and try to raise it properly. Either way, the father plays a major role in their decisions because (even if the mom wishes he didn’t) he does have a vote in the final verdict.
The paper will entail an in depth research on all of the three choices. The paper will describe the positives and negatives of raising your own kid as you continue schooling and enter the real world, explain the certain affects that it may have on the baby’s father, provide an overview of the adoption processes and demonstrate both the successes and failures of adopting, and finally, it will provide a list of the different types of abortions and describe the impacts each one has. After acknowledging