Research Paper On 9/11

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September 11 2001 the day that will live on in infamy. That day was the hardest for everyone in the United States. To watch lots of helpless people die and fling themselves out of windows to their death stories below, knowing that I couldn’t help in anyway. Realizing that some of the people that are dying aren’t Christians and have never heard the name of Jesus and are going to hell makes me feel guilty for not telling them about God even though I’m not in their state. What would make someone want to kill thousands of innocent people and attack one of the world’s major superpower countries?
Since 9/11 security has been tighter and harder to sneak stuff around. Even though there are still ways to sneak around security it’s an improvement on what we had. Since 9/11 no one’s flown a plane into another building so we have to be improving our security at least a little bit. 9/11 hurt our economy and sent us into a depression. We also need to stop borrowing money and clear our national debt which is continuing to pile up and if we don’t get rid of it, it will eventually crush America.
When you google 9/11 memorial it comes up with the construction of the memorial and museum buildings that the built in 2011 to make sure no one forgets that awful, horrible day when America was attacked by Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden. The memorial and museum are located on the same site as the world trade center was on and also has the survivor tree which is a callery pear tree recovered