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Monica Perez
9-11 Attack
Crashing into the towers on 9-11 was something that had to be carefully planned for many years. The attackers of 9-11 were Mohamed Atta, Abdul-Aziz Alomar and some others who were sent by Osama Bin Laden. He sent them to crash two airplanes into the World Trade Center. This happened in the city of New York on 9-11-2001. The most important aspects to understand about 9-11 is how the terrorist attacked the United States, how many people were killed and affected, and what planes hit the north and the south tower.
The historical context of the attack on 9-11 to the World Trade Center is important in understanding how the terrorists attacked the United States and how the towers (north and south) were hit, and how people were affected and lost their lives. in the article “9-11 attacks” analyzes that the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airlines and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. supports their claim by reporting where the 4 airplanes crashed, also describing how the towers were hit, and arguing who the terrorists were and their organization. The authors purpose it’s to inform in order to show people what happen on September 11, 2001. In the article 9-11 attacks by this is shows when they writes, “18 minutes after the first plane crashed a second Boeing 767-United airlines flight 175 appeared out the sky turned sharply toward the World Trade Center and slices into the south tower.” (Paragraph 2) This demonstrates how the two airplanes crashed. Also this means that the two air planes were apparently were almost together, this means that the first tower wasn’t completely down yet when the second airplane (flight 175) appeared in the sky flying right toward the south tower. The writers of the article shows how the two towers were hit and also what time it happen.
Another aspect to understand is how flight 11 crashed into the north tower. in the article “flight 11” describes that the American Airline flight 11 was the plane that hit the World Trade Center north tower. supports their claim by explaining the hijacking of flight 11, and reporting the time flight 11 collided with the north tower. The author’s purpose is to inform so that the audience knows about the tragedy of flight 11. Evidence of this can be seen in the article when it asserts that passengers inside placed call such as “Listen, and listen to me very carefully. I’m in flight. The airplane has been hijacked.”(Paragraph 3) This demonstrates how they knew that the flight was hijacked, also how the people in the plane was scared, and trying to let others know what was happening. This justifies how flight 11 was hijacked, but also lead the collision with the north tower on 9-11.
Another important part of 9-11 attack is when flight 175 crashed into the south tower. in the article flight 175 describes that flight 175 was the United Airline plane that hit the World Trade south Tower. supports their claim by informing about the hijacking of flight 175 and how it turned its direction to southwest, reporting about the various phone calls saying that the airline was being hijacked, explaining the collusion of flight 175 to the south tower. The author’s purpose is to inform so that the audience knows what happen on flight 175. In the article flight 175 by this is shown when he writes “According to NORADS June 18 timeline and prior press reports, at 8:43 the FAA notified NORAD that flight had been hijacked.”(Paragraph 2) This demonstrates how flight 175 crashed and was hijacked and used to a horrible attack. Also demonstrates how the people in the airplane were completely scared, and how they wanted to inform people. It was this attack that created a historical event in the U.S. and a tragedy for the whole nation.
To fully understand in addition of the people who was affected and helpers on that day (9-11) that lost their lives