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Essay #3: Advertisement Analysis
Perhaps no other form of media has had quite the impact on culture as that of the advertisement. Advertisements are really and window to the soul of a culture, displaying our values and worldviews. Advertisements are memorable and quick, while still giving a brief argument with a glance. With every advent of technology, be it print, television, film, the internet, and even on our phones, marketing has been there to guide us and tell us what to buy and where to find it but what’s cool, desirable and even our gender role. It is this area that we will be examining in this paper. This paper will think about how effective or ineffective marketing draws in the audience and what underlying messages are involved in that communication.
First, you will start off by thinking about what type of medium you want to use. There are literally thousands to choose from: print ads (magazines, newspapers), television or film ads (commercials), internet ads (pop-ups, sidebar ads on social networking, sponsored blogs) or phone ads (pop-ups, apps). After choosing your medium, think about what the message is for this ad. Why does the company choose to advertise in this specific way? Who is the audience?
Consider the following when you’re writing. (Note, this is not necessarily a checklist you need to tick off in the paper but some things to think about. Not every ad will address all the items on this list.)
Who is the audience? What demographics is the ad playing to? Why?
What are the picture elements of ad? What are the