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Artificial Leaf
“From natural to artificial photosynthesis” by James Barber and Phong D. Tran
Explanation of DPP: The demand for energy is constantly increasing, thus more fossil fuels are burned every day to create energy. Fossil fuels such as coal are used up in massive amounts for everyday activities. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources; therefore there is no possible way to create the fossil fuels again. There has to be an alternate source of energy in order to prevent the usage of fossil fuels. The creation of the artificial leaf provides a way to create more energy as well as prevent more fossil fuels from being burned. Natural photosynthesis is the process by which sunlight is captured and converted into the energy of chemical bonds of organic molecules that are the building blocks of all living organisms and also of oil, gas, and coal (Barber 1). The artificial leaf functions the same way as a regular plant, so it must go through the process of photosynthesis. Through the process of photosynthesis, the water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. This creates more oxygen for the environment, but more importantly, more energy is produced through the process. The chemical reaction that takes place to break the molecule is what creates the energy. The energy produced through the artificial leaf can be an alternative source to burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels can’t be replaced but artificial leafs can be created numerous amount of times. Thus, the artificial leaf becomes a renewable resource. The artificial leaf plant-like structures aid in performing a chemical process that creates oxygen as well as energy to replace burning of fossil fuels.
Research plan: The scientists, James Barber and Phong D. Tran helped discover the importance of the artificial leaf. “The fossil fuels are the products of photosynthetic activity millions of years ago and provide us with the most of the energy needed to power our technologies, heat our homes and produce the wide range of chemicals and materials that support everyday life (Barber 1). He emphasizes the fact that great amounts of fossil fuels are being used every day for daily activities. Globally, there is an extensive amount of energy consumption and pollution due to the usage of the fossil fuels. Barber asserts that a source of energy is constantly required, and until an alternative source is found, fossil fuels are the only way to provide energy. The scientist, Barber came up with a chemical formula to show the process of energy through the photosynthesis process and the creation of new gases throughout. A point he makes is that the result of the burning of fossil fuels is what creates a problem for the environment. Combustion causes harmful gases to be released into the environment. Thus immensive amount of carbon dioxide is released into the environment. Barber addresses that the creation of the artificial leaf creates more oxygen for the environment and provides energy, so no harmful gases are released into the environment. Phong. D. Tran brings about the evolution between the growths of corporations to the growths of labs creating the artificial leaf. Both scientists developed their research due to the understanding of how energy was made before. Before the invention of the artificial leaf, energy was created through the burning of natural resources especially fossil fuels such as coal. The result in burning fossil fuels is a decrease in environmental stability rather than providing a source of energy. Scientists understanding the effects of destroying natural resources led to the invention of artificial leaf.
The artificial leaf prevents less carbon dioxide emissions to being emitted into the environment. The burning of fossil fuels discharges massive amounts of harmful gases into the environment. “About eighty percent of the total global energy consumed comes from burning fossil fuels’ (Barber 2). The harmful gases that originated from