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Zack Thomas January 11, 2013
Bound To Ball “Basketball is everything…” For Sam Pert the game of basketball is everything. In fact, it’s more than a game, it’s a love of his and his lifestyle. But how long will basketball, a strong passion of Sam’s, be in his life? Living in his small town outside of Denver, Samuel Lawrence Pert is a senior attending Franklin High. As a Franklin Falcon he works hard in class and enjoys himself in the gym. Similar to how any other 17 year old should. He’s an above average student who stays out of trouble. Plus he’s adored and appreciated by his classmates, as well as teammates. On the court, he doesn’t force the issue when it comes to his points, and instead seeks to find the best possible shot for the team. Over his high school career he’s averaging a league leading 9.7 assists per game – which is remarkable considering 8-minute quarters. With the effort and leadership Sam’s put in the past, he has every reason to sit back this off-season and live from that. But he, a player with a great attitude, always wants to get better. So over months and months, Sam and his best friend Andre continue to work on their game. They have a will to win every time they step on the court. Practicing day and night, Sam and Andre could be found in the school’s practically ‘county’ gym. They’ve been playing there their whole lives, and soon they will be playing their final season in it. From the time they were boys, nothing changed – the small but popular snack stand in the corner, the bright red shading of the lane, the locally sponsored scoreboards at each end, the large black and red falcon at center court, and the wooden bleachers which completed the gym. It’s true for Sam and Andre, this court has been their second home. During their training, keeping in mind the start of the season and team practices is extremely important, because undoubtedly there is going to be some exhaustion. When it comes to Sam and Andre’s situation, doing this is very helpful, but they need to be smart about it. But perhaps repetition of previous workouts is catching up with them. On a Thursday afternoon, while working on ball handling with Andre, Sam seemed noticeably and especially tired. “Why don’t you take a break there, Sam? Andre asked rhetorically, “You look a little out of it.” Shaking in the knees, Sam was trying to relax. Then beginning to reach for water… he faints. Andre rushes over to see what’s wrong, and immediately finds help. Luckily the school nurse is still around, and was able to give some assistance. Long story short, Sam wasn’t out and affected too much, but serious enough for his mom to be concerned. She succeeds in booking him a soon doctor’s appointment. The trip’s original purpose is to see what caused it, and,