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Career Research Paper Today I’ll be visiting a local retirement home. It’ll be nice to venture away from my little room at the clinic, though I do love the personal touch I’ve created through inspirational quotes and ravishing works of art. Most work days give me a feeling of gratitude, but days like this one are even better. I arrive with a smile on my face and two loving retrievers by my side. After signing in and walking towards the designated room, I greet the residents and let the interactions begin. I listen to an elderly woman’s story of a dog she had long ago, and another heart-warming memoir of an 80 year old man’s wife who loved animals. These wonderful visits are a couple times a month, and in many circumstances certain residents forget about past visits. Nevertheless, I continue to see joy and social progress. All of which I helped to instigate. In many ways, that’s better pay than any amount of money I could earn. In my short years of life so far, I’ve constantly been told to start being a little more selfish in order to be happy and to focus on only myself. Now I know everyone’s different, and that may work for most, but my true happiness is based on that of those around me. I know I will not always succeed, but to make a living in at least attempting to help others will bring to me a sense of fulfillment and self-worth until the end of my days. I will become an Animal-Assisted Therapist/Psychologist. As a psychologist, there are particular duties required on a day-to-day basis. Those duties involve evaluating clients’ behavior in order to scientifically study brain functions and find patterns. I must also be able to develop and carryout treatment for clients if needed, to work with a variety of people in different races, ages, sexes, etc. I’ve always been keen in reading and understanding others, “Psychology seeks to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook) This quote expresses the most meaning as to why I’m interested in psychology.
Hours differ between types of psychologists. The type of psychologist I believe I’m most interested in is considered ‘Clinical Psychology’. Most clinical psychologists work evenings and weekends in order to adjust with clients’ schedules. Even though that is the usual, “Psychologists in private practice can often set their own hours, and many work part-time as independent consultants.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook) I am already aware that I might not be ecstatic about working on an average person’s day off, but I honestly know I’d manage to adjust with little difficulty. I view the duties of this career to be impactful on society in a great way. Its sole purpose is to help people, and I bet the existence of this career has even saved lives of those stuck in unstable states of mind. In order to become a psychologist, specific qualifications must be met. Most clinical, counseling, and research psychologists require a doctoral degree. “Graduates with a Master’s Degree in Psychology may work as industrial-organizational Psychologists” (Occupational Outlook Handbook) This quote gave me a sense of relief and hope because I’m already enrolled to major in psychology at a local community college. In clinical, counseling, school, or health service settings, students usually must complete a 1 year internship. Once I succeed in getting my course major and want to work further to be a real psychologist, I must be licensed, and “To become licensed, psychologists must have completed one or more of the following: pre-doctoral or post-doctoral supervised experience, an internship, and/or a residency program.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook) To be successful in this career, a person must also have certain skills. One very necessary skill to have is active listening. A psychologist must be able to give full attention to what a client is saying, take the time to comprehend and