Research Paper On Cell Phones

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Though technology helps us out a lot it does more harm to us by teaching are kids violence and it also distracts people when driving. TV’s violence has increased since TVs first came out and it is being showed in the little kids TV shows. The same goes with the usage of cell phones when driving more people have died since the technology of the phones increased. Although technology does help us it’s not worth loosening your life or allowing little kids to bully each other.
TV’s have influenced a lot of little kids to act up more this happens when little kids see other kids on TV kicking and scramming for something they want but can’t get it. This puts this in the minds of the little kids watching and makes them think they can do it. They also show little kids miss behaving. Little kids don’t really know how to think for them self when it comes from being right or wrong.
The FCC also known as the Federal Communications Commission’s isn’t doing anything about this. Even though 82% of parents say violence is a big concern in shows for little kids none is really doing anything about it. The reason for this because some people it’s taking away for the creators freedom of speech.
Cell phones as well are a bad thing for society because some many people think they can multitask when the truth is they really can’t at all. Since the cell phone is always getting a new upgrade people think it’s safer to us them when driving. The death rate of people in car accidents have increased dramatically since they first came out.
Every year about 23% of accidents are caused by some jerk using their cell phones while driving and another 100,000 people are in accidents caused by someone texting. This rate has increased every year since the technology of cell phone has upgraded every year and since they can connect them to their car radios. More and more people upgrade their phones every time a new one comes out with new stuff that’s useless.
With careless people driving around while on their phones the car accident rate will never decrease but instead it will increase. Technology is useful but not in the hands of someone who is driving or operating big machinery that can harm them self or someone else. If someone is in the car while driving they are most likely paying more attention to the conversation than