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Communication Conflicts

Coralee Inman

COM200 Interpersonal Communication

Donna Mitchell

July 17, 2013

Conflicts happen between friends, siblings and married couples every day, due to the lack of communication. You may perceive an off the wall idea simply based on the actions of your friends or significant other. Conflicts can weaken the relationship depending on how you react to it.
The conflict from the movie would be when a man sees another man hugging the women that he loves. This was innocent, and it was a thank you notion, but when the boyfriend came in on the others hugging, it became a jealous reaction towards the other male friend, and he attacked and was beating on him. After both the girlfriend and the male friend being attacked tried to speak to the boyfriend that initiated the conflict, he became aware that it was just a friendly jester between the others. The boyfriend let his emotions take over without thinking. The whole movie was based on interpersonal communication whether it be positive or negative. Conflict can be avoided by having open communication. When conflict erupts, emotions are involved, and the relationship can be threatened if the conflict is not resolved amicably (Sole, K 2011).
This conflict was not handled correctly and therefore produced an altercation. Trust, power, and intimacy issues are among the most common conflicts between couples. (Suresh.C, nd). This did not have to happen if the two male friends spoke to each other, and even if there was trust between the girlfriend and the other friend. Some things can be done to resolve a conflict. 1. Identify the problem, 2. Consider a solution. 3. Pick one. 4. Act and Evaluate (Arbetter, S. R. 1991, 09). A conflict between couples can happen when one person feels as if they are being betrayed. One may spend more time with friends while the other is being left at home to take care of the kids or the house and laundry. To consider a