Research Paper On Conflict Resolution

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Heidi McAlvey
26 March 2015
GNST 100
Journal 10- Conflict Resolution
In the pervious journal I discussed a conflict I had with a fellow student during an online group project. When I examine the origin of that conflict and ignore the "he said, she said," remove all the biases, and assumptions, I find that our disagreement centered around miscommunication, differing expectations and standards, and hurt feelings. When I communicate with others I am typically straight forward, blunt, and honest. Although I think this is a positive thing in most situations, I know that sometimes I can come off as rude and insensitive. During my conflict it became clear that I had to soften the way I was communicating in order to resolve this issue, so I did just that by trying to be more positive and encouraging, while remaining honest and steadfast in during our work together.
One of the first parts of this conflict involved miscommunication. I was frustrated when I couldn't get ahold of her, and also when, during the times she would pop in, would try to micromanage me. I wasn’t mean when I told her to back off, but tell her I did. She didn't like it very well, but at least we were being honest with each other.
Next, during the editing part of our project she got very upset with me when I corrected some of the things that she had contributed to the project. When my name is on a project, it is representing me, therefore I reserve the right to make any changes necessary in order to receive the highest score possible. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her feelings but the spelling, grammar, and over all structure of her portion of the project was difficult to understand. When she emailed me demanding the reason I changed "her part" I told her that I thought her ideas were great, but that it was a little difficult to understand. I told her that that happens to everyone; sometimes it makes sense when you read it to yourself, but might not be as clear to other readers. I also encouraged her to look at my contributions and make any corrections necessary because as a member of the group, that was her right as well.
Lastly, after that completion of our project I learned that she had gone to our instructor