Research Paper On Cyberbullying

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Elisha Baker
Ms. Washington
P. 2 English 1-P
May 10th, 2013
Today, bullying and cyberbullying have both become a major issue. So much of an issue, that kids and teenagers have come to the point they want to or have killed themselves. 58% of these kids don’t tell their parents that they’re bullied. If they do, they tell their parents that the people that bully them are their friends and they’re just teasing. Teasing is when it’s obvious joking, bullying is much more serious and hurtful. People should still be careful even when they are teasing because they don’t know how the other person takes it. Cyberbullying has become a bigger issue the past several years. People feel as if they can say anything they please as long as they’re behind a computer screen or profile on the internet. Some people will go so far as to tell people to kill themselves, and the people being told this and many other hurtful things begin to believe it themselves and end up killing themselves. People need to step up and tell somebody about these issues or stand up for these innocent people before it gets even more out of hand. Bullying is not only about physical pain, but mental also. They say stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But that is completely false, because words do hurt. Calling someone a name can make them believe that they are that name themselves. Telling someone they should go kill themselves, can make a person kill themselves. Those hurtful words may not always hurt them as they did when they were first said, but they will stick in that persons mind forever. Like say you crumple up a piece of paper, open it and try to flatten it out. You can still see the folds and creases from the damage you did. Just as a person would feel after being called hurtful names. Many times when kids tell a teacher about a problem with bullying, they get blamed and punished for it instead of the person that was actually hurtful. Then, nothing is done and the problem is not resolved and it continues. Then most kids who are bullied feel bad about themselves so they feel the need to bully other innocent people and the cycle continues this way. But if people were nicer in the first place and didn’t bully at all, or stuck up for people being bullied these problems could be resolved. There has been many times I’ve seen people get bullied. Sometimes I couldn’t do much of anything, other times I stepped in and stuck up for the person being bullied and even ended up making a new friend along the way! If people would just recognize the fact that they have