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Brian Cullen
ENWR 106
April 13, 2012
First Draft Essay 5
Death is pretty much the biggest fear of a person’s life which can occur at any age and or time which is why it is so frightening. I want to live my life as long as possible and experience as many different things as possible to be satisfied with my life. I’ve lived a good life so far and am very happy with the things I have done but I have many more goals and experiences I would like to have before my life is over. My parents and other close family members always tell me that life is short so live it up and make sure at the end of your life you are happy with the way you lived your life and the things you have done. Being at Montclair State University is putting me on the track to have a successful life and accomplish goals and experiences that I want to by the end of my life. Going away to college was always a goal in my life which I have now accomplished but there is now plenty of more things I want to do in my lifetime that going to college set me up to do. Death can occur at anytime in your lifetime which makes it such a scary thing. Through my years I have seen people die that may or may not have been happy with their life after they passed. In seventh grade on the last day of school, rumors were going around about a girl that committed suicide before school. This girl was in sixth grade at the time and lived in my neighborhood so it put me in shock. Towards the end of the school day, an announcement was made that called all the students down to the auditorium. As all the students piled into the auditorium our principal was standing on the stage and began to talk. Our principal knew everyone was hearing about Hannah so told us that Hannah Jackson had committed suicide before school. Our principal didn’t want rumors to be going around the school with different stories being made so told us the true story. Before school Hannah’s parents went into her room to wake her up for school and found her hanging in the closet dead. When I heard this I was in complete shock especially since she was on the bus the day before walking within foot steps on the way home. Knowing about people living such a rough life or so upset with their life that they would end their life blows my mind. Everyday since that happened I go into my day making sure I’m happy and my life is good. Many people try to make other people happy or put them in front of themselves which is exactly what I don’t do. I make sure with all my decisions that I will be happy with the outcome of what happens. Of course in the my lifetime their has been occurrences when I made the wrong choice and my life seemed to be going wrong but I always make sure to look and the bright side of life and learn from it to stay happy. With not knowing when death may strike me I make sure everyday is a step forward in where I want to go with my life. Growing up I always wanted to continue playing soccer for as long as I could which meant playing in college. Soccer has been the biggest part of my life ever since I was born since I was