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In the show, House M.D., there is a particularly difficult doctor whom people cannot help but love despite his unpleasant manner. This is Doctor Gregory House. He specializes in diagnosing rare medical irregularities with the help of his team of diagnosticians. Dr. House is somewhat a mystery to his team members and everyone else. He is a sarcastic and bitter medical genius who can sometimes come across as an arrogant jerk. Some of this is due to his drug use (he has acquired an addiction to painkillers) after his leg injury which came about from an incorrect diagnosis. Dr. House also possesses an almost obsessive compulsive disorder like symptom of having to solve his cases. He loves anomalies and puzzles; they make diagnosing almost like a game to him. But when it comes to being right, Dr. House almost never fails.
From the assorted episodes House could have been diagnosed with at least two major clinical disorders listed in the DSM IV-R
Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder 301.81
Substance-Related Disorders ,Substance Abuse, 305.90
Axis I Principal Disorder
Substance-Related Disorders ,Substance Abuse, 305.90
Dr. House is a typical case of how pain and normal use of prescription drugs can result in addiction. A brilliant diagnostician, yet he fell to the trap of pain killers. The addiction generated many obstacles both in health and close relationships. Dr. House brings to focus in on how prescription drugs can usually be abused even by supposedly bright people and more so by young people unintentionally or deliberately. Just like any substance addict who wishes to get better from the holds of addiction, Dr. House’s only chance of recovery is through sessions under drug abuse programs offered by rehabilitation facilities.
DSM-IV criteria for substance dependence and substance abuse
Once a thorough patient assessment has been performed, a formal diagnosis of either opioid dependence or abuse should be made. A substance dependence or abuse diagnosis, according to current DSM-IV diagnostic schema, is based on clusters of behaviors and physiological effects occurring within a specific time frame. The diagnosis of dependence always takes precedence over that of abuse, e.g., a diagnosis of abuse is made only if DSM-IV criteria for dependence have never been met.
DSM-IV Criteria for Substance Dependence and Substance AbuseDependence (3 or more in a 12-month period)
Tolerance (marked increase in amount; marked decrease in effect)
Characteristic withdrawal symptoms; substance taken to relieve withdrawal
Substance taken in larger amount and for longer period than intended
Persistent desire or repeated unsuccessful attempt to quit
Much time/activity to obtain, use, recover
Important social, occupational, or recreational activities given up or reduced
Use continues despite knowledge of adverse consequences (e.g., failure to fulfill role obligation, use when physically hazardous)
Abuse (1 or more in a 12-month period) Symptoms must never have met criteria for substance dependence for this class of substance.
Recurrent use resulting in failure to fulfill major role obligation at work, home or school
Recurrent use in physically hazardous situations
Recurrent substance related legal problems
Continued use despite persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by substance
Axis II Personality Disorder
Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder 301.81 Dr. House feels better, more exceptional, and more unrestricted to have his wishes fulfilled than those around him. Even though we have seen some development in these entering Season 7, I think just about everybody would agree that he still has a long way to go here. He certainly has low empathy for others. Again, in spite of growth in this area, which are due to the sway of his romantic involvement with Dr. Lisa Cuddy and occurrence of the death of Dr.Wilson's girlfriend Amber,