Research Paper On Driving And Driving

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Bader Fallatah

Intro and thesis

Some people become careless when they drive because they use their phone. Because of that the number of the car accidents is increasing raptly. I suggest that there should be laws and strict punishment for people whom text while they are driving in terms of, financial penalty and suspending the driver lessons. To begin with, there have to be a high amount for the payment tickets for the people who use their phones while they drive. They have to pay double amount and get a bad stigma on their driving license, which is would affect the insurance negatively. For example, a person who commits traffic violation such as use the phone for texting or talking while he or she drive, the amount of the car insurance will a rise as punishment because this is one of the best way to avoid people from their phones when the drive. Second, if a person breaks the road rules and use their phone at the first time, he or she would get a warning. However, if he or she ignored the rules again and use the phone, then they will get punishment because that means they are careless about themselves and others. In fact, they are not pay attention on the road and it risks. For instance, people always speed and drive over the limit when they are on phones because they are not paying attention while they are driving a car, that is the reason for increasing car accidents.


My opponents disagree that there should be punishment for people