Research Paper On Drunk Driving

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There has always been a strict penalty in place for drunk drivers, but people argue that they are not harsh enough on this issue. Should drunk drivers be imprisoned on their first offense on drunk driving? Or do they deserve a second chance? proponents argue that they should be imprisoned on their first offense because it’ll help make the world a more safe place to live in: however opponents argue that drunk drivers should not be imprisoned on their first offense because we all make the mistake of drinking and driving at least once. Proponents argue that drunk drivers should be imprisoned because this issue is one of the most deadly accidents. Buzzed drivers deserve to be imprisoned at the moment they get pulled over. There's no second chance when a person loses their life due to a person who decides to drink and drive. Take for example, Juan and his two friends go out on a Friday night to a party. They decide to have a few drinks with alcohol involved. After a few hours Juan and his friends decide to leave and head back home. Juan takes the wheel, shortly after a while he starts falling asleep while driving, crashes into a tree and takes away his friends life. …show more content…
Is it because we all make that mistake at least once? Should drunk drivers who get stopped get a second chance if they have never been pulled over for drunk driving before? Take for example, Pablo had some drinks at a bar downtown, drove home drunk and got pulled over by a police unit for the first time while drunk driving. The policeman then scans Pablo’s record, if he sees that Pablo has never had been pulled over for drunk driving before maybe Pablo could have a chance. The policeman told Pablo to stay off the busy roads to go ahead and go in this example we can see that depending on your situation you are liable to have a second