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Interpretation# 1 Bhatia visited the building he describes because he wanted to have a look at how it was and how things were inside it as it was India’s first e-building. He was there to make a routine visit to the site of a house under construction under his supervision. The building was nearby his site so he decided to pay a visit and have a look. He discovered that it was built of Italian marble and erected with American and French technologies under South Korean supervision, all the systems were automatic including doors, security, lights, elevators and glass walls. In his narration he uses sarcasm to show the inefficiency of the high cost latest technology and the path India was heading to.
Interpretation# 2 Bhatia uses comparison and contrast to show the inefficiency of the use high cost latest technology in constructions and to prove why he feels the tradition methods are better than it. He tells about the automatic security system at the entrance of the building and then says that that simple device that probably costed $50,000 had eliminated the need of a human guard who would have costed just $110 dollars. When he went in he says that there was complete darkness and he was waiting for the automatic systems to measure his distress and switch on some lights but nothing happened so he stepped further and as he reached the elevator lights flooded in as if all the switches flicked on once. When he called elevator he heard the sound of all six elevators coming down and after the experience with lights he did not want to take risk and chose to climb stairs for nine floors. Later when the building representative was telling him about the microlouvers and heat sensors inserted double-glass walls costing $700,000 he said that he wanted to say that in his parents’ time they used reed mats that could just be rolled down when it got too hot but he didn’t say it. These are the examples that prove that Bhatia used comparison and contrast in his essay to portray his view that traditional methods and technologies were better than the new sophisticated high cost technologies.
Interpretation# 3 Bhatia uses critical and sarcastic tone in his essay as he finds fault in the high-tech building and uses sarcasm to prove that traditional methods of building are better than the latest technological methods as the traditional methods are more reliable and not much of show off. His choice is appropriate for proving his point and he is successful in that but if we think and analyze ourselves then we find that his