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English 1302-176
19 November 2012
Equilibrium depicts a society that was created after the war to be free of all conflict and feelings. Genetic equilibrium is a “theoretical state in which a population is not evolving.” There are no competing influences; everyone had conformed to a catatonic-like state. This film represents how the government is trying to control society into consuming mandatory daily dosages of Prozium, an emotion dampening tranquilizer. Anyone who was found not cooperating with these laws were automatically disclaimed as a “sense offender” and it was treated as a capital crime, punishable by death. There are no external stimuli; the lighting is dark, gray and bland, almost as if there were a dark cloud looming about. The clothing was plain; cars were stripped of any characteristics. There are no items to stimulate; the coloring was gray, black and the occasional white car. All external factors are stripped down to only the basic necessities. How long could society exist without emotions? Our emotions are what guide us throughout our everyday lives. Drugs can create a barrier to understanding our emotions and expressing our feelings. Positive mental health is as important as having food and water. Emotions were only displayed when the doses of Prozium are stopped. Society realizes what they have been missing out on by being in drug induced non-emotional state. They understand the power behind emotions, and having stimulation throughout the
Foreman, pg. 2 day, having new processes and exploring what the Outside world has to offer. The concept is not, by any means far fetched. been missing out on by being in drug induced non-emotional state. It is as if there are in a cult, and they are expected to follow their leader’s orders. In those instances, disobedience can lead to their deaths. When Preston accepted that he had feelings for Mary, he tried to do what he could to prevent her death. He did not have that opportunity when his wife was killed. He was unable to express any feelings at that time. When he was able to see Mary before her death, he saw her fear and it touched a nerve. The camera angles for portraying feelings were up close, so that you can “read” their facial expression and gain a sense of what emotion they were trying to convey. There were not too many distractions until there was a raid scene. The colors were bold, bright; there were different textures, sounds and smells. Those were the moments when the viewer could grasp a type of emotion. Preston’s senses were being struck like a match. The new sense was overwhelming for him. He had been trained not to feel, he was a top enforcement officer and a warrior priest. This was not something he had expected, but began to see and feel the affects it began to have. This is one of the important elements of this film, Preston