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Kaiyun Fang

OBHR 330

Ethic Paper

Oct, 22th, 2012

Ethic is generally refers to the principle of people and people's behavior standard. I remember the American history professor which I took his class last semester once told me the fact that ethic is the basic and important part of America. American citizens consider that ethic supply the standard rules in the society. Different countries have totally different attitudes about ethic by the reason of culture differentiation. If there is no ethic, people will lose their communication with each other. As a result, ethic play an important role in human beings history. In the movie which named " The Crooked E", many words and scenes have connect with ethic. There is a conflict between ethics and money. Money always means the word of greed. It's also a kind of human nature in our society. People lost their mind and made some mistakes when facing the attraction of money.

The movie "the crooked E" described a student who just graduate from Harvard University. Same as other newly graduated student, he wanted find a job with well payment. Money is the first requirement in his life. After long time waiting, he finally was hired by the seventh largest company called Enron. It's really a good opportunity for a student who left the campus and stepped in to the society. Through the movie screen, people will understand the developing process of Enron from a small company to one of America's biggest energy traders. After several years, profits become the only things company managers' mind. Under this situation, young man began to seek personal honor, enjoy, vigorously promoting the protection of insurance, until he did a business up to $50 million, and was squeezed by his boss. At first, the company runs well with the stock price of $60. Things change in one second, the stock price of Enron decline shapely from $60 to $5 in several months, he wakes up. He destroyed the $50 million contract to save a customer who want make improvements.

There are many ethical problems contained in the movie. Money and moral always become difficult choice for company managers. Managers want to bring more profit to the company which sometimes occurs ethical issue. People know the importance in their head, they can't cross the line. However, when they facing a large amount of money, they may forget the ethical rules. The best example should be the events happened in the movie. Brain tried to save his consumer to help he destroy the contract which in the superior office. He broke the ethical rules statement in the mind. We know the fact that, laws and ethic are two parts people always discuss in the life. I remembered the business law class I took last semester we discussed the relationship between laws and ethics. A law is a government rule, to help them to punish those who have harmful behaviors. That's its essence. Ethics are more difficult to define compare with laws. There are many changes in this topic. It can influenced by large background of tradition and culture differences. In ethical part, a bad act will not break the laws. On the other hand, if a person break the laws, he or she may still act ethically. China has 5000 years of history. In this period, there are many rogue soldiers use the money get from greedy people to help poor. Their act absolutely break the government laws. In conclusion, we can't simply divided ethics and laws. To understand the difference and connection between ethics and laws will be primary issue we should think about for the study.

Wealth has become the measuring standard of social status. We can't separate money when we talking about ethical problem. The main part of movie talking about the stock price fluctuation of Enron company. In western culture, money has absolute advantages for profit companies. In some situation, the amount of material wealth is the measurement of the high and low personal ability. Everything in this world has two sides. Money can