Research Paper On Fear Of Failure

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Raquel Gonzalez
Professor Usher


In today’s schools almost all seniors will be graduating or in other words will be receiving a certificate that simply will remind them of all the things they didn’t really learn. Teachers and Parents are almost positive that student failure is the cause of drug use or emotional friction and there is nothing that can be done to help the student. Honestly excusing there failure with such nonsense could be the easy way out of it for both parties, but in the long run the student will come to an encounter with an employer or an educational system where they will be tested on their previous knowledge and fail. Most would think that the only fixture is to let the student go on believing that they are actually going to make it to graduation without any issues but the real magic is in the “Failure” talk. Students have a natural reaction to the word “Failure”. Sometimes all it takes is a simple talk with the parents or student and inform them that they will fail if they don’t “clean up their act”. A smart person would realize the errors of their ways and quickly begin to change for the better. Granted some student may not have the same effect but that is just might be the “healthy fear” they just need to succeed. A healthy fear of failure is one that simply inspires the student to study more and put forth more effort into their work and soon lead them satisfaction. Most students suffer and are lead to distractions that cause a failure. This scares is something that has work in the past and can still work today if the right personnel’s would join forces per say. A teacher with the support of the parent can give the students the opportunity to succeed or fail but it is time for the student to make their own choice to make a difference or suffer the consequences. Response

My response to the article “In Praise of The F Word” was in agreement with it. Students including myself have been let by without any fear of failure. I was never a good reader and I always struggled but I never had a teacher that would set me straight. I thought that if I could make friends with the teacher then maybe they would give me a fare grade that would be sufficient to pass me. In the article is says that they blame student academic failure / skills on drugs, divorce and other distractions. I was never into any of those things in high