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• Employees are allowed to drive the forklifts if they have a licence and they are allowed to use MP3 players while working, although not while the trucks are being backed into the loading station.
Although it is good that the manager only allows only employees to drive the forklifts if they have a license, it is incorrect of him to allow MP3 players to be used while operating forklifts. This is a huge danger as the forklift operators can not here his surroundings and can lead to serious injury as they might not here someone trying to give instructions to them. This need to needs to stop being encouraged for anybody operating a forklift before any serious injury occurs.

• The warehouse supervisor on duty explains the dangers to new forklift operators.
Explaining the dangers to new employees in critical in running a business. The supervisor on duty has implemented this well by explaining to all new operators the dangers of driving a forklift before handling a forklift. This act needs to be encouraged so that no employees operating the forklift create any dangers for other people in the workplace.
• The forklift operators sometimes try to break their loading time ‘records’.
The forklift operators need to
Forklift operators should not be encouraged to try and go fast with forklifts to break loading time records. This behavior needs to stop and employees should be notified if it continues consequences will be addressed by laying down ground rules that if the occurs again the person in the act will be fired. Using forklift in the wrong manner can seriously injure someone or even lead to bigger consequences such as death.
• All employees have been told to wear earmuffs because of the noise of the forklifts.
Providing the right equipment for a certain job is very important in running a business so that no employee is hurt while working. The employer has demonstrated this very well by providing all employees with earmuffs due to the noise of the forklifts.
• Hazards have been reported to management in the past and employees who are injured are offered return-to-work programs as soon as they feel up to returning. The manager has always submitted forms to WorkCover when there are accidents. These are the only records kept.

• The most serious accidents to date have been boxes falling off the shelving in the warehouse, and three and four drawer filing cabinets toppling over when the top drawers are opened.

• Chemicals and other cleaning products that are used for cleaning the warehouse floor and forklifts are stored in locked cupboards. The keys for the cupboards are kept on a hook that requires a chair to be used to reach them. It is always the junior worker’s responsibility to clean the floors each week.

• Hosing the warehouse floor is done with rainwater from the tanks installed.
Using rainwater to hose the warehouse floor is an efficient way on how to use Green Power and can save money.

• Smoking is allowed in the warehouse because it is an open area but not inside the air-conditioned office building.
Smoking should not be allowed while working, although it is an open area, cigarettes can cause health issues for not only the person smoking but for other employees. Cigarettes can also lead to accidental fires and can cause the business to shut down permanently. This can be easily fixed with a certain area outside set by the employer were employees can go smoke only in their breaks not while they should be working.
• When accidents occur and someone has to take time off work, other team members volunteer to do double shifts to earn more money.

• Employees have been told that if there is any emergency, they