Research Paper On Gay Marriage

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Chris Jones
Mrs. Hedges
November 21 3013
10 Current Events

Wednesday the Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation allowing same sex weddings, this is the 16th state that has allowed gay marriage. The whole thing was fought hard because of religious issues and it was causing problems with the churches. A former state senator was bothered by the decision and he voiced his opinion on the situation. Obviously most of the state did not have a problem with the law. The Defense of Marriage Act’s denial of federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples. Despite vigorous attempts to coax compliance, the Pentagon says that National Guard units in eight states — Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia. The same sex couples relationships basically try to get over on people and they want to use military services. Certain spouses try not to use their ID’s they are entitled to. If the states persist in their defiance, Mr. Hagel will need to consider transferring federal dollars, equipment and National Guard work assignments to bases in other states. Such resistance to civil rights should not stand. The New Mexico Supreme Court is poised to decide once and for all whether same-sex marriage is legal in this state, addressing an issue that the Legislature has for years failed to resolve and the governor has avoided — but that Democratic county clerks have embraced, under threats of legal action and at considerable political risk. Do gay men and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry in New Mexico? There is no reason to continue inflicting injury on New Jersey residents while the appeal is pending. Same-sex couples and their families would suffer serious harm if marriage equality were delayed, including humiliating second-class status and the denial of federal benefits. It is evident that civil unions under New Jersey law do not afford the equal treatment that the State Supreme Court promised in a 2006 decision. Married cancer patients live longer than single people who have the disease, suggesting that logistical and emotional support from a loved one may be far more critical to cancer care than previously recognized. Numerous studies have suggested that married people have better health than married people. When you are married to