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Retchee Joseph
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The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. When people today in our society think of “the good life”, the first think that probably pops into the head of majority is probably money, and fame. Growing up my family was never rich, we always valued education, family, love, God, and opportunities in life that were provided to us by God over money and fame.
Being born and raised in Haiti, life wasn’t always good for me. I didn’t have as much opportunities as I have here when I was there. I only did all the way up to the fourth grade in Haiti before I moved to Fort Lauderdale with my family in 2007. Looking back and thinking about what life would be like for me if I hadn’t come here, I can see that there wasn’t that much opportunities and shot at the good life for me there. If I had stayed, I would have had to leave the comfort and safety of my parent’s home to go overseas in order to further my education since the island that I lived on only had from pre-k till the fourth grade. When I look at the United States, I see all the different types of opportunities that are available in order to help you get to the good life. There are so many job and career opportunities here that are available to all of us. Back on my island in Haiti, I lived close to the school but majority if my schoolmates and classmates had to walk many miles from home jut to go to school and had to pay for school. As I look here in the United States, I see that there are school all around us and we each have an opportunity to go to school for free. I also realizes that here in the United States, the land of many opportunities,