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Guns were used for one owns protection, if they take our guns away how will we defend ourselves from criminsls? Now if they take guns away from the good guys then the only ones left with guns will be the bad guys. I believe that we do have a right to bear arms as mentioned in the Bill of Rights. We have that right for a reason and should be free to practice it.
Okay, I understand but what if the guns fall into the wrong hands and are used for malicious purposes? Not everyone uses guns for protection. In New York they have a stop and frisk due to the high crine rate there. Officers usually stop an African American or a Hispanic male. The Governor stated that this has lowered the crime rate. They are profiling but according to them this tactic works. Guns have been taken away for the same reason, because they are placed in the wrong hands and it is a danger to the rest.
Based on what I observed I could tell that the student is about 25 years old and the teacher is about 40 years. They are both Hispanic middle class men that seem to work in an environment that involves teaching.The code and channel used seem similar to the ones teachers use.They were in a situation in which both expressed their views and opinions. The relationship between them is of a teacher and a student.Their cultural background seemed to influence their opinions. They did show facial expressions by widening their eyes and leaning closer. Their body language expressed that they were in fact