Research Paper On Human Service Clients

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Client Paper

Corttanne Hodge
BHSH 305
Joyce Mink

There are many ranges of problems when it comes to human service clients. There are problems like drugs, not having a job, stressed, depressed, mental illnesses, abused, can’t provide for there family, and behavioral problems. These problems causes’ people to act strange, lose themselves, and even kill themselves. People often judge a person when they are down or do not act like themselves but nobody asks what’s wrong or can I help you out with something. Human service clients comes into human service field for help with there life situations that they are going through. Drugs can really harm a person’s life. When clients are introduced to a drug they usually gets addicted to the drug and it makes it not easy to try to stop using the drug when the client is addicted to the drug. A client can be emotionally, mentally and physically addicted to the drug. Some individuals call it substance abuse because a person can not let go of the drugs that they are using or that they just can not stop using the drugs. A client would feel as if they need the drugs in order to keep going through life when it really is not. As a human service professional, you have to fully understand why a client feels as if they truly need the drug and why did they start taking the drug in the first place. People are losing there jobs and trying to find a job to support themselves and there family. Clients are unhappy with the way they are not supporting themselves and there families. Clients try very hard and at the end of the day, they are not getting the results that they want to because of the way the economy is and because they do not have the proper training or credentials as the job requirements are. Not having a job can lead to many other things like stress and clients often become depressed about a problem. Not having a job also leads to clients becoming homeless because of the fact that they can not live the way that they should and because they don’t have no job that will help them keep a roof over there heads and food on the table. Being homeless is a very serious matter. A client that is homeless is very needy because they do have anything and they just want to be normal and live a normal life style like everyone else. Behavioral problems could be a mental illness. This situation can cause a person to commit suicide act to them or harm other people. A human service professional can seek that that person gets the right care and help that they need to go back to their natural well- being. These ranges of problems can be a little hectic when it comes to controlling these matters with clients. You have to have the right skills to help these client better themselves and have a productive life. The skills that a human service professional could use to help are counseling, rehab, and programs that will support there needs. Counseling is a major skill that most human service workers use. Counseling is when clients come to take to human service professionals about how they feel, what issues in life are there and to resolve family matters. Counseling helps most people and it also sets goals for the clients to see how far they will engage in making there lively situations better. The more goals that are achieved, the more you become closer to success. Therapy is another form of counseling but the process tells you what your problem is and makes you relaxed. Rehab helps the clients as well. This skill helps those individuals that need to talk to other people like themselves and understand why they are in the predicament that they are in. Most people are is rehab because of alcohol and drug abuse. This is also another form of counseling that individuals use when they did substance abuse. Rehab gives the clients the right medication, and the care that they need in order to stop using the drugs and stop