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7 November 2013 Essay #3 immigrants
The United States has forever been known as the land of the free and the nation of opportunity. The country’s open door policy to that in need continues to reap dividends in areas such as cultural diversity, advance in medical needs, market expansion, and dominance in the fields of science and engineering. One of the biggest issues dealing with Hispanics today is the issue of Immigration. Illegal immigration has been an important and serious issue for decades; which affects everyone, both Americans and immigrants themselves. Illegal Immigration has three main purposes: first to find a better life in the “promise land”, second: free healthcare, and third: for criminal activity. Most illegal immigrants come to America with the best intentions for themselves and/or their families, but many others have alternative motives. The thing that must be remembered is that illegal immigration is illegal. It’s all in the name.
I wish I could say that I agree with one side completely but there are some things that I don’t believe in. that contradict my reason, I think that yes there should be stipulations on coming into the country. Hispanics are always stereotyped as the ones who are always drinking and partying when in fact anyone and everyone is drinking and partying these days. There are some who believe that the only reason Hispanics come to the US is to make trouble and make easy money. This in fact isn’t true. Most Immigrants come to the US to make a living for their families in which their country cannot offer much for them.
The US is supposed to be the “land of the free” and the “land of opportunities” and most of the Immigrants believe this. Yes these people should go through the proper channels to get here but the US citizens should understand that not all other countries have the same privileges that we do. Many Hispanics work hard for what they have here in the US, they make lives for themselves, they work in places that no other man nor woman can bear with, places where work starts from the moment the sunrises till the time it sunsets out in the open fields where some Hispanics gather fruits or vegetables with their own bare hands in a hot summer day or even a cold winter day.
Working 24/7 day and night struggling for money and never giving up on something they need and something that they need to achieve as well. Not seeing there family for a very long to crossing the border and leaving the family behind its heart breaking for the family.
Also, families have to live with other stranger people that they don’t even know and have to pay rent every month and even pay half of the light bill, the water bill, anything that they rent the place and need to survive in this world or at least have a little bit of light with them.
Even though Hispanic people don’t work for their family but they also work for their country as well being here in the U.S is not a joke to them being here is were dreams start, is were they build up there courage and be proud for themselves and start looking for a fresh new start and for a fresh new life as well. They may not