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Learning Best Styles Essay

Learning Best
In today’s society there are many types of learning styles and strategies a person can use to be a successful student. Technology is advancing and the need for more educated people that keep up with these advances is growing. Multimodal learning style dominated the majority of the population including myself (Fleming, 2001). This multimodal learning preference includes; visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic. All senses such as sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing are an essential part of this style which will be described in more detail throughout. “Multiple preferences give you choices of two, three, or four modes to use for your learning and for your interaction with others. Positive reactions mean that those with multimodal preferences choose to match or align their mode to the significant others around them (Fleming, 2001)”.
Although portions of other learning styles are incorporated such as the Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic styles within some aspects of an individual’s daily learning, the VARK assessment indicates my style to be majority Visual. Visual learners use visualization techniques to remember things. They learn best by seeing what they are being taught. Visual learners typically will find that if they include images, mind maps, lists, and other visual techniques in their notes then they will have a better chance of remembering key information. Is like having to photographic memory of the information reviewed. Some examples described by an article on the Secondary Education are using different color highlighters when going through notes and create flashcards when studying for tests and learning information will help them get a better understanding of the material (Kelly, 2007). To a visual learner, lectures are not enough to retain information; they need to be accompanied by instruments such as power points with pictures and colors. These techniques are fundamental to my personal experience as a student and have delineated my study habits. Currently these techniques are practiced regularly within my profession and pursuit of a higher degree.

Auditory/ learners learn more by verbal repetition or by making a song of a list of key words they need to remember. Videos have auditory and visual appeal that can evoke emotional reactions from students that would help in increasing motivation (Hartsell & Chi-yin, p. 32). By discussing topics with others and listening to other’s ideas will help retain information and also see other’s point of views. “As learning online becomes more of a common practice in education, streaming video and audio will play a bigger role in delivering course materials to online learners” (Hartsell & Chi-yin, p.41).

Kinesthetic learners learn best through doing; including manipulating items, simulations and role plays, and other methods that physically involve them in the learning process (Kelly, 2007). For example, by role playing with a small group of people or discussing the material with others. Kinesthetic learners have a difficult time staying still; classes online are great opportunities for them to learn at their past and take as many breaks they want to move around.

Even though, the VARK assessed my preferred to be Visual and this seems to be accurate for the most part, other aspects of different styles also seem to describe my learning style and techniques. Learning strategies use for a multimodal learner include, power points with colors and pictures. The use of re- writing notes in colorful flashcards, record lectures and re-play it multiple times are examples of the multimodal style which are techniques I find helpful. In addition, the use of hands on practicing such as nursing students practicing in plastic bodies or in real