Research Paper On Legal Nurse Consultants

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Registered nurses can work in many different fields, most work in hospitals but some can work for law firms as a legal nurse consultant. A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who uses expertise as a healthcare provider and specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases.

They work in many different areas. Some work for insurance companies and some for different government agencies, but many work independently so they can choose which cases to help with. Legal nurse consultants have many different duties, they have the ones that regular registered nurses do and plus others that help with legal cases. Some of those are; to review and analyze relevant medical records, identify and interpret standards of care, research and summarize medical and nursing literature, prepare reports and summaries and locate expert witnesses and assist with discovery.

There isn’t any additional schooling to become a LNC and you don’t need to be certified to become one. But there are classes and programs that you can do if you want to get a better understanding and it can be very helpful to you in the long run. If you want to get into a legal nurse consultant program you must have a diploma, associate or baccalaureate degree, a current RN license and recommended three years nursing experience. The salary for a LNC is different everywhere. If a legal nurse consultant works independently they can charge up to $250 an hour. If they work for an insurance company