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The steps to making unique paper
Did you know that you can make homemade paper by recycling materials from around your house? It’s an easy way to reuse any kind of paper you have lying around, such as newspaper, or junk mail. Who could have ever realized how simple this process really was, and the fun one could have making, or creating your own paper. Most people probably have most of the equipment lying around somewhere in their home or office that is needed to make your own paper without spending any money. In addition to creating fun new paper with the family this is helping out the environment by reducing waste thrown away. My family and I have been doing this since my daughter Miracle created paper as one of her science projects. We all enjoyed doing it as a family, I recommend this project to do with anyone, and almost any age group.
When turning waste into pulp, such things as, computer paper, photocopier paper, wrapping paper, brown paper, note paper, or envelopes all used on their own or even in combination, but note its easier using the same texture together. First, in making a frame; bend an old wire coat hanger into a square, securing the ends together with tape in the middle. After making your square, use a pair of pantyhose to pull them over the square. Now trim the ends of the pantyhose, and then you need to tie a knot on either side of the square. Next you will need to fill a sink, wash basin, or bowl (large enough to put the frame into) with three inches of water. You will need to choose, or should know the paper you're going to use at this point, this will determine the time the paper will need to soak. The better the quality of the paper, the smaller you need to tear the pieces and the longer you need to soak them. For example, tissues can be torn into quite large pieces and soaked for only 30 minutes, while watercolor paper needs to be torn into pieces less than one inch square and soaked for two or three days. If you're in a hurry, pour boiling water over the torn paper, and allow it to stand for an hour or two will speed the process up for color, or the more thick, or texture paper.
Now that we have decided on the paper we're using, tear the paper into long strips, and then again tearing them into smaller squares. Place a cup of the paper into a food processor with water and blend for 30 seconds. If there are any large pieces left, blend a little longer the mixture should be the texture of oatmeal. If a blender is not available, you will need to beat the soaked paper strips into pulp by pounding them in a bucket with a thick stick. Although pounding the pulp is historically the way it has been done, be forewarned, it is hard, and time-consuming way of trying to create your own style paper. For color and variety, you can add bits of dried or fresh leaves, dried or fresh flowers, dried or fresh grass, glitter, bits of string, scrap