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Bruno Pendola
Management for organizations
George Stazjer
Leadership paper
Leadership is the process by which a person exerts influence over others and inspires, motivates and directs their activities to achieve group or organizational goals.
The leader is a role model, somebody who drives the other people to find or achieve a goal. A leader first needs to start to trying to know himself, to know his limits, how to identify his emotions that make him feel good or lose the control so that way the emotions can be controlled in different type of problems and the leader will know how to solve the problem with the best solution. To be a leader you need to be smart and calm in the most difficult situation because you need to transmit that to your followers or teammates, guide them in a good way. There are different personal styles of leadership which means that there are different ways which a manager chooses to influence others and shapes the way that manager approaches the other principal tasks of management.
There are some different types of leadership:
Servant Leader: A leader who has a desire to serve and work for the benefit of others.
Transformational leader: This type of leadership means to make subordinates aware of the importance of their job are for the organization and how necessary it is for them to perform those jobs as best they can so that the organization can attain its goals.
Path-goal leadership: This type of leadership means to clearly identify the outcomes that subordinates are trying to obtain from their jobs and also rewarding subordinates with these outcomes for high performance and attainment of work goals. This type of leadership has also different type of behaviors that are the directive, the supportive, the participative and the achievement oriented behavior.
Charismatic leader: A charismatic leader is someone who is enthusiastic, self-confident individual who is clearly able to communicate to his workers of how good things could be. Also is to be excited and clearly communicating excitement to subordinates. I personally feel more identify with this type of leadership because I like to motivate people in a good way because I believe that if somebody does something wrong it’s very hard for them if you also complain about it so they will feel pressured and that will drive him to make bad decisions. A good example is when I played soccer in my high school, I was the captain and even though a lot of us did a lot of mistakes, I was always trying to pull them up giving good support and never complaining about something wrong. Another great example is when I was the supervisor of a construction back home and I had to work with 9 employees and it was very tough because I was the youngest and I thought they will look at me