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Executive Committee
Max Bazerman
Harvard Business School
Gabriella Blum
Harvard Law School
Robert Bordone
Harvard Law School
Jared Curhan
MIT Sloan School of Management
Alain Lempereur
Brandeis University
Robert Mnookin
Harvard Law School
Jeswald Salacuse
Tufts University Fletcher School
James Sebenius
Harvard Business School
Guhan Subramanian
Harvard Business School
Lawrence Susskind
MIT Department of Urban Studies
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About the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
Widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the field of negotiation and negotiation research, the Program on Negotiation (PON) is an interdisciplinary, multi-university research center based at Harvard Law School. Offering timely executive education programs, teaching negotiation resources, the Negotiation Briefings newsletter and
Negotiation Journal, special community events, and webinars, PON is a one-stop resource for both aspiring and accomplished negotiators.
Our faculty have negotiated peace treaties, brokered multi-billion dollar deals, and hammered out high-stakes agreements around the globe. They are prominent authors, leading researchers, and distinguished professors—many of whom have originated the negotiation strategies used by many of the world’s must successful leaders…and they teach at PON’s renowned programs: • Negotiation and Leadership

• PON Seminars

• Harvard Negotiation Institute Summer Programs

• Negotiation Master Class

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Negotiation Briefings, which serves as the basis for this special report, draws on ideas from leading authorities and scholars in the field of negotiation to help you realize greater success within your team, and with your counterparts, peers and employees.
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Table of Contents
Make the most of your negotiation training by Katherine Shonk

Page 1

When setting high goals, beware a backlash by Katherine Shonk

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Are you ready for the “hardest question”? by James K. Sebenius

Page 7

Acting up: Improve your hard-bargaining performance by Katherine Shonk

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Dear Negotiation Coach: Defusing Negotiation Anxiety by Alison Wood Brooks

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The Program on Negotiation’s Teaching Negotiation Resource Center features role-play simulations, videos, books, periodicals, and case studies. Most teaching materials are designed for use by college faculty, corporate trainers, mediators, and facilitators, as well as individuals seeking to enhance their negotiation skills and knowledge.

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