Research Paper On Online Education

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English Composition II
Research Paper On-Line

I chose to do all my research online for my first assignment. I have not written an essay or a report in a very long time. This first assignment helped me clear the cobwebs out of my head, and really think of how to complete the work. My first step in looking for articles on Online Education was to go online. I searched sites that pertained to the assignment. My first choice was online in hopes of finding a few different articles pertaining to this subject. I only found one, securing a Better Future: The Value of an Online Degree. This article was five paragraphs long and spoke of the cost of online education compared to going to a university or a community college. The second and third articles I found were from My reason for going to that site was that the NY times is a well-known newspaper and I felt if I were to find any articles on online education it would be on that site. Both articles were written by the same author, Steve Lohr. His articles explained both the positives and the negatives of online education. All the articles I read would benefit anybody that’s interested in continuing their education, mainly those with full time jobs. The articles I used were very informative. They make the reader think about how convenient it is to earn a degree while taking courses online at home. They also explained cost effectiveness and the down side of online education, such