Research Paper On Organic Food

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When I came to US, Education system is far variant than it is in India. Hence, I took a breath to understand and get myself adapted to the system. When I gave a kick start to my curriculum at SNHU, no offence, it was a fantabulous experience. When I actually started working on my research paper, in a very less time, I had to analyze persistence factors which are applicable and ideal to research paper. In my research paper, I learnt many things like in text citations, annotations, bibliography. In research paper, we need to keep in text citations for each and every paragraph that means any information from book or journal we searched must mention the authors name, year, page number and paragraph number. Organic food is the topic of my research paper. I want to give my suggestions to my audience about Organic food's importance now-a-days. In my research paper writing, I referred many articles, books in order search about my organic topic. I need to bookmark my sources where I Searched This is very important criteria while writing research paper. This is the big problem where many students faces if they didn't bookmark websites there will be chance of getting plagiarism. When I am writing my research paper, I took help from my professors and writing center tutors in library. As this is my first time research, I faced few problems like topic selection, searching articles and books about my organic food . I faced problems with thesis statement and main points that supports my thesis after that in finding sub points in main points.

I found problems in writing with the research paper and making in text citations and how to start the research paper. However, I resolved the problems by taking with the professor help and stated by reading so many articles. In research paper, I am very much concentrated on the references we need to add all the citations in the end of the research paper. It helps the reader to understand from where the sources from where the sources are taken from for the search research paper. Firstly, I made the research paper presentation. It helps in understanding the main points