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The sound of the police bells filled the streets of London and everyone heard it loud and clear, even the evil minds lurking in the shadows. Chaos and panic was spreading like a fire in a forest throughout London and soon it reached the ears of Professor Detective Raphael Layton and Dr Elizabeth Swann.
It was a fine Sunday morning; Professor Layton had just finished his daily routine and stepped into the building. Everyone has little habits that they can’t change; little things like people who are right handed always put their left feet forward first when they are about to walk and left handed people start their right leg. Or like the baker on Stephen Street like to wash his hands with cold water first then wash it with hot water. Noticing these little things makes professor look forward to his usual walk every day and also these little things tell him how things are going every day. Today he noticed that Miss Griffon’s dog that is usually calm but today he was scared and impatient and barking at everyone passing by. Professor Layton made a conclusion by observing the uneasy environment around him that something major must have happened.
Professor stepped into his house and started to walk up on the creaky stairs towards his study. First thing he notices was that someone had walked these stairs and it wasn’t the maid, since the stairs were covered in muddy shoeprints. They were barely visible and also they were shoeprints of women, heels, he knew exactly who they belonged to. He opened the door and without even looking at the young lady face, he said.
“Dr Elizabeth Swann, shouldn’t you be down at Time’s Square helping with the examination of the bodies?” questioned the professor.
“I would be, if I didn’t have to chase you around everywhere.” answered Dr Elizabeth Swann.
Elizabeth Swann is a renowned doctor throughout the whole London. She has published several doctorates on Forensics, Phycology, and Human – Biology. She was a born a prodigy, but her family wasn’t a proper family, she had suffered enough and her aunty decided to adopt her and raise her as her own. If only she could depend on other people more. She’s still young and instead of finding a good husband, she sticks with me and wants to find dead bodies. The again she says she says she happy being around and investigate, does that mean she likes dead people than livings? Honestly I don’t get her at all. Well as long she is happy I don’t mind.
“I can’t help it, I need to do my daily routine to help me keep track of things” said the professor.
“Oh well I don’t expect you to change anyways” said Elizabeth with a sigh, scanning the professor’s room. It was neat and organized as usual and dusty as usual too, she had the maid clean it just two days ago. Professor’s voice broke her line of thought.
“Tell me the facts about the murder doctor” demanded the Professor.
“There are four bodies, two male and two female. Victim number one was 25 years old, female. Her name is Miss Belle Attkinson; she was a worker in the clothing factory. She had no family” Replied Dr Elizabeth.
“Hmm…..The clothing factory……..” interrupted the professor.

Elizabeth continued……
“Victim number two was also a female, her name was Miss Josephine Orange. She just recently inherited a fruit’s farm from her father, as he died 3 months ago. She has a younger sister but she was married off to a French man and is currently living Rio. Victim number three a male, Mr Tom Hawkins was a loan collector. His family consists of wife and 1 child, a boy. Lastly Victim number four, male. Mr Alexander Daniels was 30 years old was a novice artist.. He lived in a shared apartment at 38 William’s Street.” reported Elizabeth.
“What time did the murders happen, Dr?” asked the professor.
There was a long pause before Elizabeth answered
“The most troubling part about these 4 people is that there are no similarities what so ever. These people all had different jobs, it’s not like