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Job Title: Probation Officer
Job Code: 21-1092.00
Salary: $38,619.00 - $51,193.00 / Per Year

Supervise Offenders that have been sentenced to serve probated sentences by the court and ensure all conditions of the probated sentence are followed as ordered by said court. Prepare Pre-sentence Investigations involving a defendant’s previous criminal history, family history, level of education and be prepared to potentially make sentencing recommendations in individual cases. Prepare warrants and subsequent revocation petitions when the terms of the probated sentence are violated and make recommendations to the court regarding proper punishment for said violations.

Education * Minimum qualifications for this job require a bachelor’s degree and preferably 2-3 years experience in the field.
* Must have a working knowledge of Federal, State, and Local Laws, Court Procedure, and Government Regulations

* General Knowledge of Psychological Principles and how to diagnose certain disorders.

* Customer Service knowledge including Needs Assessment skills, Quality Standards, and being able to determine Quality Satisfaction.

* Detailed knowledge of the structure of the English Language including grammar, spelling and meaning of words, and composition skills.

Skills * Must be able to talk clearly and concisely to offenders and be able to relay all necessary information to them.

* Be able to use Critical Thinking to determine alternative solutions and approaches to problems and be able to effectively weigh the strengths and