Research Paper On Random Act Of Kindness

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“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” Mark Twain once said. Although this idea is true, often in today’s society violent acts receive too much attention. As a Society, we should be more mindful of the value of positive acts. This is why I chose the “Random Acts of Kindness” project. My three random acts of kindness included bringing cookies to my newly moved in neighbor, helping my little brother study for his Latin test, and bandaging my friends cut at Homecoming. When I was told new neighbors moved in next-door, I decided to bring over cookies and introduce myself. At first I did feel a bit shy committing this act, however right after I knew I chose the right thing to do. She was very excited to meet a nearby neighbor, in fact I was the first person to stop by. She also told me she would love to introduce me to her daughter who is a sophomore at a close boarding school. As I saw my little brother struggling to write out pages of Latin noun charts, I decided to go on the computer and create easy tables for him to use while studying. I felt confident committing this act because I had taken the same Latin class and knew this method would be less stressful for him. I felt accomplished …show more content…
Unfortunately, when she was dancing to “Cheerleader” at the Homecoming dance, she fell into a metal light outlet. When I realized she was bleeding, I brought her downstairs and got medical supplies from Mr. Fish. I felt a sense of responsibility when committing this act because my friend was in need of help. Afterwards I felt a sense of personal growth. Personal growth from bandaging my friend’s cut may sound a bit strange, however I am an aspiring nurse and even little acts like this bring me joy and encouragement. While I was committing this act Mr. Fish reacted by referring to me as “Nurse Hynes” and Mrs. Provinzano joked that I was a perfect “Nursie”