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Marketing you

What is a resume?
A forward or future focused document
Is a marketing tool
A brochure
A sales pamphlet
Benefits and skills and qualities, we are going to sell us to the right person.
A thought full collection of accomplishments, key benefits, skills, values, contributions, and experiences
A targeted and specific document that an employer would see value in
A ‘what’ document

WIIFM? - What’s in it for me?
Employers are thinking WIIFM.
Think like an employer when you handing the resume…
Clearly state the key benefits you would bring to the employer
I am going to highlight your skills which is the employer looking for.
Clearly state your accomplishments
Just trying to highlight what you can do/provide

Take the time thoughtfully create individual resumes for each position
Each employer has unique services, products, customers and challenges
Maximize myself as hard as possible
Best you can do- address them
Marketing material should be as specific as possible.
One size is not going to fit all.

On average, how much time dose an employer spend reading a resume?
8 seconds
The resume should create an impression.
Fallow the rules

Using branding and advertising strategies in a resume:
Advertisers use AIDA
Use the overall visual appeal to get attention
Give times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.
Five years’ experience providing professional, courteous and client
The key to visual appeal is using classic design elements and being consistent in formatting.
Spot inconsistencies… look for the use of bold, underlining, -bullets, indentations, text justification
Experiment with tasteful industry-related graphics
White space is very helpful
In real estate it’s : location
With resumes it’s: position
Key accomplishments
Summary of qualifications
Position your strongest selling points in this visual center
Creating desire
Create desire for your product by:
Showing why the employer needs you
Providing proof
Think like an